Nebraska Book Company Partners with CourseSmart
First-of-its-Kind Agreement Supports College Bookstores Looking to Provide New Digital Choice to Students

Lincoln, NE
Monday, April 14, 2008

Nebraska Book Company, a national leader in the college bookstore industry, announced today it has established a relationship with CourseSmart, a comprehensive supplier of digital course materials, to provide digital content for NBC Jumpbooks®. The agreement provides college bookstores an excellent opportunity to establish themselves as the primary distribution channel for eTextbooks through a program fully supported by Nebraska Book Company, CourseSmart and the top higher education publishers in the country.

NBC Jumpbooks is an easy-to-use, low-cost solution that provides a complete digital delivery option for the sale and procurement of eTextbooks, allowing bookstores to keep the customer relationship, maintain the viability of the bookstore's brand and demonstrate an ongoing commitment to students. The product is platform agnostic and can be launched with any POS system.

CourseSmart partners with leading publishers to supply over 3,000 college textbook titles, in digital format, to college students in North America via the Internet. CourseSmart is also the only place that faculty members can review and evaluate textbooks online. Faculty familiarity with the CourseSmart eTextbook will support the goals of the college store in providing this new choice to students.

Bryan Pearce, CEO, University Book Store, Inc., University of Washington, said: "The progressive college store is the focal point for delivering creative, meaningful and supportive products, services and solutions to its campus community. We are pleased and excited to collaborate with Nebraska Book Company, our academic publishing partners and CourseSmart in providing a logical, comprehensive and efficient solution for delivery of digital course content to the University of Washington community. This solution leverages University Book Store's critical role as an aggregator of educational materials and processes to further enhance the value we provide to our UW student and faculty customers."

The agreement between Nebraska Book Company and CourseSmart establishes Nebraska as CourseSmart's preferred supplier of eTextbooks to the college store community. This unique relationship both dramatically enhances the available content of NBC Jumpbooks and provides a number of unique benefits to support the college bookstore as the students' preferred distribution channel for digital product.

"We are pleased to be able to establish this relationship with CourseSmart," said, Barry S. Major, Chief Operating Officer, Nebraska Book Company. "We are committed to the ongoing success of bookstores and ensuring bookstores remain a viable option for students when purchasing course materials. This solution provides the industry with a comprehensive eTextbook product that keeps the bookstore as the primary distributor and provides students with an affordable eTextbook solution."

"Nebraska Book Company provides a solid solution, with the market expertise and the distribution channel to reach bookstores," said Sean Devine, CEO, CourseSmart. "Leveraging NBC's ability to meet the needs of college bookstores supports CourseSmart's goal of increasing the availability of eTextbooks as an option for students. The relationship will also allow CourseSmart to focus on the job of aggregating content from all higher education publishers and providing a valuable eTextbook format for our customers."

About Nebraska Book Company
Nebraska Book Company began in 1915 with a single bookstore near the University of Nebraska campus and now serves more than 2.1 million students through its network of approximately 260 stores located across the country. Our Textbook Division serves more than 2,500 bookstores through the sale of over seven million textbooks, and our Complementary Services Division has installed more than 1,600 technology platforms and e-commerce sites. Additional information about Nebraska Book Company can be found at the company's website:

About CourseSmart LLC
CourseSmart is a new venture founded by six higher education textbook publishers including Pearson, Cengage Learning, McGraw-Hill Education, John Wiley & Sons Inc., Houghton Mifflin, and the Bedford, Freeman, Worth Publishing Group. The company's mission is to improve teaching and learning by providing instructors and students better exposure and access to digital course materials. CourseSmart brings together thousands of textbooks across hundreds of courses in an eTextbook format on a common platform. In doing so they provide a number of unique benefits to instructors, students, partners and institutions. Additional information can be found at the company's website: www.coursesmart.com

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